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Making the transition from Led to Leader

Welcome to my first blog! I have decided to lend my voice to the very crowded leadership field, with a focus on the NEW Leader. My purpose is to help new supervisors and managers make a quick and effective transition from led to leader. I have seen the situation many times; the person that is highly competent in their technical field, is promoted to a leadership position, and failed. Why did they fail? Were they stupid? Did they get lazy? No, they were never told that the promotion was a move from their chosen technical field to the new and entirely different specialty of being a leader.

I had my first leadership assignment being in charge of the pizza tossing station in the kitchen of a local bar, me and one other guy at the bottom of the food chain (literally and figuratively), but I was in charge, and boy did I screw that up. That was my first lesson that heavy handed techniques will only get you so far, and that I needed to learn the strengths and weaknesses of my employees. Not bad for a week long assignment.

Since then I have led many different groups from the cashiers at a large retail chain to a platoon in the United States Army, groups from 2 to 120. I have also gained more formal education, earning a Bachelor of Science in Management and Marketing from the University of Nevada, Reno and working on my MBA from the same. During the course of my education I learned how to articulate the things that have been going on around me for years. I want to use this experience and education to help new supervisors and new managers become leaders in the shortest possible time, increasing their effectiveness and making the transition from led to leader easier.

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