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Doing things v. Getting things done

One thing new leaders sometimes do is all the work. Right now I have two very different jobs, in the first I have no one working for me. When my manager comes to me and says “Kreston, I need you to …” the intent is for me to go physically accomplish the task.

At another place I have about 20 people that work for me and when my manager says to me, “Kreston, I need you to…” the intent is for me to GET the project done, not necessarily to physically do it. As I pointed out in my August 4th blog I am responsible for getting the job done, but I have people to actually do it in most cases.

It becomes my job to provide resources and support to those doing the work.

Delegation is a transition that is difficult for many new leaders or managers to make. Many new managers get frustrated watching the employees stumble through a task in 5 minutes the manager can do in 30 seconds. The problem is that as you move up it becomes more and more difficult to do all the work, plus your employees will become annoyed at this micro management.

Step back and let your employees work, they will become as good at the job as you are, or better. If they need guidance give it, but do not get in the way of their development. Learn to delegate well and you will get a lot more done.

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