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Who is a leader?

I have spent time talking about leadership and I realize I have not talked about who a leader is. A leader is anyone who assumes the role or is assigned a position to motivate others to pursue a goal or vision. This is my definition as adapted from the many textbooks I have read and the US Army FM 22-100 leadership manual. I think this captures the key components.

The first key is that a leader can assume a role on their own or be assigned to a role. Those who assume the role on their own may already have an idea what their leadership style is, and may be looking to expand their knowledge. The typical audience for a blog like this is the leader who has been assigned the role because they may not know where to start when it comes to their first day on the job. Once you start down the path of leadership it is a journey of self-development.

The second key is the movement toward a goal or vision. This goal may be organizational or one of the leaders own. The reason for understanding this concept is that if you are not moving toward a goal why do people need a leader? People are perfectly adept at going in circles or going nowhere, leaders who cannot share a vision or goal provide no value.

That is where I am coming from when I say leader, what are some other definitions of leadership that you have seen?

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