About Me

Welcome, I became interested in developing new leaders after years of working for managers and supervisors who were highly competent in their technical fields and were promoted to leadership positions because of that knowledge but who had never had any type of leadership training. I am developing this site as a tool and a place where these new leaders can come when they are faced with the many challenges of leadership, from how to effectively take charge of a group, to ways to motivate employees, leading change, and integrating new ideas.

I have led many different groups of people over the course of my career, from a group of 15 teenage cashiers at a retail store to a platoon of combat engineers for the United States Army. I earned my degree in Marketing from, and am currently an MBA student at, the University of Nevada, Reno.

I found that what I have done during the course of my education is learn ways to articulate what has been going on around me for years and put it into clear methodologies that I wish I had known when I was first put in charge of pizza tossing at a local bar.

My purpose is to use my leadership experience to help new supervisors and new managers make the transition from led to leader.

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